Decluttering Your Home

Some simple tips to get you out of the clutter zone.

1. Move Things Around
By simply reorganising things like furniture, shelves, and lamps around the house, not only do you get to have a new look at your home, you’ll also be surprised with the amount of space you can create.

2. Throw Away Unnecessary Objects
Adding accessories such as picture frames, flower vases, candles, or another side table can contribute to your home’s aesthetic value and helps to create mood. However, try to pull back on using too many home accessories and only display pieces that work for your space to ensure you home stays clean.

3. Put everything in its place
zAre you always spending time looking for small items? Clean up by using strategically placed storage boxes around the home. Be sure to choose stylish storage compartments to maintain your home’s design.

4. Remove Unnecessary Floor Accessories
Too many Rugs and other items used for the floor can actually ruin a house’s aesthetic value by reducing its light and making it look messy. Instead, relocate them to areas where they are needed like by the door, in the kitchen, and in the bathroom.

 5. Opt for Lighter Colours
hen picking a colour for your curtains, linen, and other decorative items, keep in mind to opt for lighter tones to allow natural light to come in.

6. Donate/Sell Old Items
Old clothes, bags, shoes, children’s toys, furniture, and various home appliances - anything and everything found in your homes can be donated or sold, either through a garage sale or online. These activities allow you to give old items to those who are in need, earn extra cash plus clean your home in the process.

These are just a few small and easy steps you can take to declutter and make a significant difference to the overall appearance and cleanliness of your home.

Time to be busy bee and declutter!

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